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Our Process

Plans are reviewed by our WTCA certified truss technicians to determine profile and quantity needed for each project. Placement plans and designs are created using MiTek software.

The truss profiles are then sent to MiTek for engineering approval.

Upon agreement of price and approval of drawings by the customer, we produce production files to go to the plant for manufacturing.

The truss members are precision cut using MiTek component saws.

The members are then assembled on either wood tables, or a MiTek roller gantry, which uses Virtek laser projection system to assure quality and accuracy.

MiTek Gantry

Wood Tables

Finish Roller

Floor trusses are manufactured on a floor-truss machine, which can build parallel-chord 4x2 trusses.

Floor Table

Once built, the trusses are packaged for each individual house. Vents and hardware for truss-to-truss connections that will be needed are added to the package, and then delivered on flat-bed, roll-off trucks to ensure safe delivery of a quality product. This entire process takes approximately two weeks.


Trusses : Our Process : Suppliers : Truss Terms