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Pete Stewart



Keith Azlin
Truss Plant Manager
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Keith graduated from Alhambra High School in Phoenix and then attended NAU. He started working in trusses in 1977. He worked for Schuck Component Systems in Glendale, AZ as a tailman and he worked his way up to yard foreman then to estimator. In 1984 Keith left Schuck and went to work for L&L Manufactured Components as a truss plant manager, then engineering and design department manager. In 1995 he left L&L and came to work for U.S. Components, LLC as an estimator. In 1997 moved into the manager position. Keith is a board member of the local chapter of the WTCA.

Jack Brugger
Production Manager
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Pamela Lydy
Credit Manager
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Pamela has been with the company for 19 years. She was transferred to the Tucson office in November of 1989.



Our salesmen are always happy to speak with you. In the Tucson area you may contact either:

Fernando Martinez  631-4229

Arnie Thurlow

For sales in the Phoenix area please contact
Ben Stratton  (602)-418-6139


Jake Niccum
Truss Technician/Estimator
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Jake is a WTCA Level One Certified Truss Technician. He has worked in wood frame construction since 1986 and has been working exclusively with trusses for U.S. Components, LLC since 1996.


Mark Anderson
Truss Technician/Estimator
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Mark is a WTCA Level One Certified Truss Technician. Mark worked seven years for a custom home builder doing framing, concrete, crew and site supervising. Since 1980 he has done truss production, design and sales.


Robin Mendibles
Truss Technician/Estimator
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Tim Curry
Truss Technician/Quality Control Coordinator
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Tim is a WTCA Level 1 Certified Truss Technician. He came to work for U.S. Components, LLC in November of 1997 from a competitor in Tucson. Tim's background in construction was primarily as a cabinet maker with 20 years experience in various types of finished woodwork, both residential and commercial. He is currently involved in the WTCA Quality Assurance program in the plant, as well as production and estimating in the office.

Pat Hughes
Truss Technician
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Pat started at U.S. Components, LLC as a truss builder, worked his way up to repairs and is now working in the office. Pat is involved in the WTCA quality assurance program and the office production.



Claudia Guerrero
Truss Plant Office Manager
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Susan Anderson
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Darlene Cloninger
Data Entry
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Michele Rojas
Accounts Payable
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